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The Halléoojamaflipaphone

Hallé Education has been working in collaboration with the University of Manchester to develop a new, electronically controlled, acoustic instrument. The Halleoojamaflipaphone contains a number of acoustic instruments, including a set of tubular bells, zither, shakers, drums, cymbals and a woodblock, all controlled by MIDI (Musicial Instrument Digital Interface) from a laptop and accessorised with plenty of flashing lights.

The Hallé has long associations with a number of Manchester’s finest higher education institutions such as The Royal Northern College of Music and The University of Manchester.

A short film of four Halle musicians improvising with the instrument was shown during the Hallé for Youth 2016 concerts and proved a huge success. The Oojamaflipaphone will return in the 2017 Hallé for Youth Concerts, this time performing live alongside the Hallé.

Over the coming years, students of physics, electrical and mechanical engineering courses at The University of Manchester will continue to develop the Halléoojamaflipaphone, improving its current capabilities and expanding the range of instruments.

The possible applications of the Halléoojamaflipaphone within Hallé Education’s work are unparalleled. The fact that it can be so easily programmed and controlled means that, regardless of whether a project is based on the music of Beethoven or the soundtrack to a computer game, the Halléoojamaflipaphone will be able to quickly and painlessly produce a basis for the creativity. Individual musicians working with a group will have an instant soundtrack to their playing, and groups of participants will have an engaging and exciting foundation on which to improvise. In particular, we can see the Halléoojamaflipaphone revolutionising our work with children involved in the SHINE programme, who are often struggling to engage with standard curricular activities and social interactions, as well as our work with dementia patients in the Pendine Care Homes. In both these settings, the visual side of the Halléoojamaflipaphone will prove a vital addition to the instruments.

The University of Manchester

For a number of years, the Hallé has supported the University of Manchester’s World Music programme through use of the University’s gamelan.

The Hallé runs the second-year music graduates’ gamelan course module, which culminates with an annual lunchtime concert in the University’s Cosmo Rodewald Hall. Students who have taken this module are invited to play in the Hallé’s gamelan degung performance group, which is also run in partnership with the University. The 2015-16 course culminated with a Walter Carroll lunchtime concert performance in the Cosmo Rodewald Hall on Thursday 28 April, at which many family and friends joined members of the public to show their support.

In addition to this course, second-year students who have opted to take a specialist module in World Music attended a lecture about gamelan.

The Royal Northern College of Music

For students at the Royal Northern College of Music, the Hallé offers two professional development schemes which include both undergraduate and postgraduate students performing alongside Hallé musicians in rehearsals and concerts. For more information on how the Hallé is supporting the development of young musicians, please explore our Instrumental Support section below.

Student Placements

From time to time, Hallé Education also provides placement opportunities to students in Higher Education. Once such opportunity involves selecting four students from the University of Manchester via interview to assist Hallé musicians on an Adopt-A-Player project.

Contact us

If you are working in this sector and would like to talk to the Hallé please contact the Education team on education@halle.co.uk

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