2020-21 Season

23rd June 2020


Some of you will know that I am retiring from the Hallé after twenty-one years as Chief Executive.

Very sadly for me, the current all-embracing crisis means that I will be leaving before the Orchestra gives another concert, and while I plan to visit The Bridgewater Hall as soon as concerts restart, this will not be before I hand over to my successor.

When Mark Elder and I joined the Hallé at the start of the Millennium, the Orchestra had been gripped by a different sort of crisis, and I am very proud that, with the support of many colleagues, we were able to provide the leadership that has allowed the Orchestra to thrive and develop.

We have prepared a wonderful new season of concerts, which you can view online or download a brochure. I hope it stimulates your desire to get back to The Bridgewater Hall to join Mark Elder and the Orchestra as soon as it is possible to do so. When the time comes please buy tickets for these concerts and come as soon (and as often!) as you can. Booking is not yet open for any of our concerts. We will announce booking details as soon as we are able.

In the meantime, if you are unsure about when you can come back please also think about donating to keep the Hallé’s central vision alive, protecting our wonderful musicians and ensuring we can continue to provide opportunities for all of the thousands of children and young people who benefit from what the Hallé has to offer. Perhaps if you have ever thought about becoming a Patron of the Orchestra and enjoying a closer relationship with the organisation you might step up and join us now when we need you most.

You can visit www.halle.co.uk/support-us/individual-donation/ where you can donate safely and securely on-line.

The Hallé is in very safe and distinguished hands with my successor David Butcher, who together with Mark Elder and the Chairman of the Board, David McKeith will lead the Orchestra into a new, exciting era. The Orchestra, and all of its myriad activity will return, I am sure of that, but it will clearly be longer than hoped before we can all be together again and share the thrill of live music in our wonderful hall.

Be assured, with your support, we will come back stronger than ever.

John Summers

The Hallé 2020-21 Season