The Hallé’s archive is a wonderful resource for aspects of our musical history. There are concert programmes covering our performances in Manchester and beyond from 1858, photographs, correspondence, sound recordings and press-cuttings to name a few.

Over the next few months we will be working ‘behind the scenes’ to make more of this material available to our website audience. In particular to open up our huge repertoire database – covering more than 100 years of our musical history the database has nearly 25,000 entries thanks in large part to some dedicated volunteers. When completed, this project will allow you to search the database for concert information by date, conductor, soloist, composer and work. If you have ever wondered where the Hallé ‘first played’ a piece, or which soloist first interpreted a favourite concerto, or just how many times Sir Edward Elgar conducted his own works here, then soon you’ll be able to find out!

Until we are able to offer this via the website we are happy to answer queries via email – please send details on

Want to know more about our 150-year history? Download the timeline below (PDF):

The Hallé Timeline

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