Hallé for Youth

Hallé for Youth is the annual series of schools’ concerts performed by the Hallé at The Bridgewater Hall, one of the country’s finest concert halls, which provide a live music experience for young people who, in most cases, have never heard a symphony orchestra before. Across the four concerts in the series, the orchestra plays to thousands of young people from all over the north-west. The Manchester concerts also feature performances of creative school projects based on some of the pieces being played. Hallé for Youth is suitable for groups in Key Stages 2 and 3.

The theme for the 2020 Hallé for Youth concerts will be ‘Music and Mind’. Tickets for school concerts start from £4 per person. Stay tuned for further details and booking information.

Upcoming concerts at The Bridgewater Hall:

  • Tuesday 03 March 2020, 10:45am
  • Tuesday 03 March 2020, 13:30pm
  • Wednesday 04 March 2020, 10:45am
  • Thursday 05 March 2020, 10:45am


The concert programme blends music from the standard orchestral repertoire with film scores and more popular pieces with which the children may be familiar. During the concert the young people learn about the four sections of the orchestra, what the different instruments of the orchestra sound like and where they are placed on the stage, covering the key elements of music, such as pitch (high and low), dynamics (loud and soft), and tempo (fast and slow). In addition to the orchestral works, the programme also includes a song for the children to sing together with the orchestra. Each concert also includes live video enabling the whole audience to see the instruments of the orchestra more easily. The Hallé is grateful to students on the Foundation Degree in Media Production course at The Sheffield College who provide the technical expertise for this production.

Schools project

Every year, to accompany the schools’ concerts, Hallé Education organises a creative arts project for four selected primary schools across Greater Manchester. A Year 5/6 class from each of the schools works with two Hallé musicians to devise its own creative music piece, using one of the works included in the concert programme as a stimulus. As well as the music project, each school also works with student dancers from the Northern Ballet School who choreograph the stimulus piece fused with another piece chosen by the students, which is performed with artwork or costumes created with local visual artist, Allison Clarke. The pupils are able to perform their work either on the stage of The Bridgewater Hall or at Hallé St Peter’s during an evening performance for families and friends and during one of the four Hallé for Youth concerts.


INSET sessions are offered to teachers attending the Hallé for Youth concerts with their class or to those who would like some inspiration for increasing music in their curriculum. These sessions explore the theme of the upcoming Hallé for Youth concerts and will help teachers to develop their own creative ideas for use in the classroom. Hallé for Youth INSET sessions run in January/February of each year.

Contact us

If you would like to find out more about any of our projects and how to get involved, please contact the Education team on education@halle.co.uk

Photographs and videos will be taken at this concert and may include occasional shots of the audience broadcast live on a big screen in the auditorium. Some of this material may be used for promotional purposes and the Hallé asks all schools to seek the relevant consent and permissions.

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