Instrumental Development Days

The Hallé offers a number of different instrumental development days and coaching sessions for secondary schools.

Coaching Sessions
The Hallé has many musicians with a great deal of music coaching ability and experience. If you have an ensemble in your school that you think will benefit from an injection of ‘professional inspiration’, whether it be strings, woodwind, brass or percussion, we have just the right person.

Instrumental Development Days

From time to time Hallé Education arranges instrument family days for strings, woodwind or brass. These comprise a number of coaching sessions by Hallé musicians, with an ensemble from the school, followed by a joint performance by the school and Hallé ensemble for feeder primary school pupils and parents.

The projects aim to encourage every aspect of performance and in addition to promoting solo and ensemble performance, also focus on developing general musicianship and students’ technical facility. Another key focus is to offer further training, development and guidance for teachers already in place at the setting, so that work achieved on the project may be followed up and have a lasting and tangible impact.

Contact us

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