Leading School Choirs

A training course for teachers and vocal leaders of Key Stage 2 pupils.

Are you passionate about children having access to high quality music making?
Do you have a school choir or are you setting one up for the first time?
Would you like new ideas and skills to help develop the choir?

The Hallé invites teachers and vocal leaders to their acclaimed training course. Led by children’s choir specialist, Shirley Court, the course will run throughout 2019-20 avoiding the busiest times of the school year.

“It has transformed my approach to teaching children to sing and to enable them to practice and perform.”

“We could all hear a massive difference after just a few minutes of Shirley’s magic.”

Who is this for?

  • Teachers or vocal leaders who are passionate about continuing to improve the quality of singing within their school. They must have a choir (even if it is a new one), predominately made up of Key Stage 2 pupils and be able to read music to a very basic level

What will this programme achieve?

  • Improved choral singing and musicianship in schools with confident teachers who are able to teach singing in schools to a high quality
  • A supportive network of teachers/vocal leaders who can share resources, issues and good practice

What will Trainees do?

  • Attend twilight sessions throughout the year (approx. once a month)
  • Bring their own children’s choir to attend a masterclass at a high school in March 2020. Choir Leaders will work with Shirley Court on repertoire that has been chosen, discussed and prepared in twilight sessions

What is required?

Those interested in taking part in this programme must submit a completed online application form (see below). The deadline for applications is Friday 20 September 2019.

When accepted, all participants must sign a contract, supported by their Headteacher/Head of Service to agree to:

  • take part in all activities associated with the course
  • contribute the cost of transport and supervision for the school choir to attend one masterclass day in March 2020 and £125 towards the cost of the course

Application for the 2019-20 season has now closed.

Session 1 15 October 2019 5pm – 7pm Hallé at St Michael’s
Session 2 13 November 2019 5pm – 8pm Hallé at St Michael’s
Session 3 14 January 2020 5pm – 7pm Hallé St Peter’s
Session 4 11 February 2020 5pm – 7pm Hallé St Peter’s
Masterclass Day 3, 10, 17 March 2020 10am – 2pm Hallé St Peter’s
Session 5 28 April 2020 5pm – 7pm Hallé St Peter’s

The Choral Leadership Network is a new initiative to bring partners involved in choral activity and training together to promote the quality, profile and opportunities for choral singing and training across the North West and beyond.

The Choral Leadership Network and the Hallé, along with other partners involved in choral activity and training, are supporting the Leading School Choirs course to help promote choral singing and training across the North West and Beyond.


For more information please contact Jo Pink at jo.pink@halle.co.uk or call 0161 907 9093 or 07531 705 835.

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