Meet-a-Musician is a scaled-down version of Hallé Education’s flagship programme, Adopt-a-Player, involving a single two-hour creative music workshop. The programme is adaptable to suit all ages from Reception through to Year 7/8, and is available to schools in Greater Manchester and across the north-west.

The project is designed for a class of 30 pupils and involves a visit from a Hallé player, who will demonstrate their instrument and tell the pupils about life as a professional musician. They will also help the class compose a short creative piece based around a particular theme or inspired by a piece of music from the orchestral repertoire (see lists below). To accompany the project, groups in Years 5-8 are also offered the opportunity to visit The Bridgewater Hall where they will hear the Hallé perform in a weekday matinee concert. For many children will be their first experience of attending an orchestral concert in one of the UK’s finest music venues.

Early Years groups will receive a workshop based around singing nursery rhymes and songs.

Years 1-4 can choose from four different workshop themes:

  • Fun with Form – How a cheese sandwich relates to music composed in three sections and a ‘Big Mac’ to Rondo form!
  • A Walk in the Forest – A workshop based on the sounds of the forest, whether they be animal, vegetable or mineral!
  • Dinosaurs Meet – Two dinosaurs meet to do battle. The children will create their own prehistoric scene in music!
  • A Ship in a Storm – Turning a picture into music by using the visual elements of the picture: the ship, the waves, the wind, thunder and lightning. Is the ship about to crash onto the rocks?

Years 5-8 will receive a workshop based around familiar music from the orchestral repertoire, usually from the examples given below. Where possible, workshops for groups attending a Hallé concert will be based on one of the pieces performed during the visit, helping to establish the connection with the orchestra. The following projects are available to all groups:

  • ‘Rodeo’ from Copland’s Hoe-Down suite
  • ‘The Galop’ from Rossini’s William Tell Overture
  • ‘Jupiter’ from Holst’s suite The Planets
  • Extracts from Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition

Meet-a-Musician workshops start from £125 + VAT. For prices including an accompanying concert visit or variations of the projects above please contact the education team.

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