Student Placements and Research Projects

Manchester is as synonymous with industrial and technical innovations as it is with musical culture. The world-class partnership between the Hallé and The University of Manchester has led to unique and exciting ventures combining music and STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). The Hallé’s proximity to MediaCityUK in Salford Quays and several technical colleges in the North West has fostered a number of partnerships to create high-quality video productions for education concerts.

Student Placements – Education Projects

From time to time, Hallé Education provides placement opportunities for students studying music at The University of Manchester. Our Adopt-a-Player programme enables four undergraduate students to assist Hallé musicians in education outreach within Greater Manchester. Students will be paired with a Hallé musician to work with primary and secondary pupils composing their own music.

Student Placements – Media Production

Both the Manchester and Sheffield Hallé for Youth concerts and the new Set Works concerts include a live feed of the orchestra displayed on a large screen to the audience throughout the event, allowing even those at the back of the hall a close up view of the musicians. Students at The Sheffield College, studying for the Foundation Degree in Media Production, and from UTC@MediaCityUK, studying Television and Film Production, provide the technical expertise for these concerts. The pupils operate and direct several cameras positioned throughout the hall, producing camera scripts and additional materials to precisely capture each moment of the music, gaining valuable experience working in a live arts production.

Science and Technology – The Halléoojamaflipaphone

Hallé Education has partnered with The University of Manchester’s Department of Electrical Engineering – and through them the Science and Engineering Education Research and Innovation Hub (SEERIH) – to develop a new, electronically controlled, acoustic instrument. The Halléoojamaflipaphone contains a number of acoustic instruments, including a set of tubular bells, zither, shakers, drums, cymbals and woodblocks, all controlled from a laptop via MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and accessorised with plenty of flashing lights.

The reprogrammable element of the machine means the possible applications are unparalleled. It can perform alongside any piece of music, from Beethoven to a computer game soundtrack, and can provide the base for a creative performance, an instant soundtrack over which participants can improvise. The Halléoojamaflipaphone has applications in the concert hall, the classroom, and in projects with Pendine Care Homes!

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