Professional Experience Scheme for Wind, Brass and Percussion

The Hallé’s Professional Experience Scheme for Wind, Brass and Percussion is specifically aimed at Year 3, Year 4 and Postgraduate students from The Royal Northern College of Music. The scheme aims to introduce students to professional orchestral life, by providing opportunities to workshop, rehearse and perform with the Hallé during the forthcoming season. A stringent audition procedure at the start of the academic year selects students to participate in the scheme over a season. The scheme’s audition procedure is similar to the Hallé’s own audition procedure for permanent positions within the orchestra. After the audition stage, a team of Hallé musicians run two, three-hour workshops focusing on the art of orchestral playing, including intonation, ensemble playing and practice techniques. From these workshops the Hallé musicians then select the students to go forward to the final stages of the scheme:

STAGE 1: Sitting within the instrumental section during a rehearsal

STAGE 2: Playing in a rehearsal or rehearsals

STAGE 3: On completion of these first two stages, Hallé Section Leaders may offer the most proficient students an opportunity to perform during a concert, the ultimate aim for each student being to perform well enough to be added to the Hallé’s list of extra players

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