Hallé Magic

Hallé Magic involves a string trio of Hallé musicians and a leader in the delivery of a themed programme of activities for young children. Each event is divided into two one-hour sessions and therefore suitable for two groups within the setting. Each hour includes focus time and bonding time. Focus time centres around the Hallé Magic Box, a box of toys and props to stimulate various activities: songs & rhymes, simple movements and musical games. Bonding time allows the toddlers and their carers to respond to the music in any way they wish – relaxing, cuddling, listening or joining in. The emphasis is on providing a simple structure to the session that allows an informal, relaxed and impromptu atmosphere.

Little, Middle and Large

Little, Middle and Large is a performance-based project for very young children. A string trio of Hallé musicians and a leader visit a nursery or reception class group for a two-hour session, culminating in a half-hour performance based around sing-alongs, storytelling and music interaction. The programme includes such well-known favourites as: Postman Pat, Bob the Builder and The Wheels on the Bus, as well as music by Ravel and a piece entitled The Tale of Little Bo-Peep’s Lost Sheep, written especially for the project.

Farmer Duck

Farmer Duck is a performance-based project from Hallé Education for Early Years groups. Involving a narrator and a string trio from the Orchestra and 25 very young children, this project gives the children the opportunity to create their own music and drama based on Martin Waddell and Helen Oxenbury’s popular young children’s book of the same title. The children will have the opportunity to act out the story adding call and response time sections with the narrator and imitating the sounds of the various farm animals that feature in the story. They will also sing a simple song, which has been especially composed for the project by the Hallé’s Education Director, Steve Pickett.

The project will consist of three workshops and a short culmination for parents and other interested parties. During the workshops the children will have the opportunity to learn about the violin, the viola and the cello, as well as to explore the Farmer Duck story. The short culmination will not only involve a performance of the Farmer Duck cantata but also several other short pieces which will involve the participants playing games, singing songs and dancing to music.

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