Primary School

‘Start The Day The Hallé Way’
An hour-long interactive musical journey through elements of the music national curriculum, presented by two Hallé musicians to a school assembly (200 – 250 children) and based on the motto ‘Music is Fun!’

Individual Creative Music Workshops
Presented by the Hallé’s Education Director, Steve Pickett, for Key Stages 1 and 2, there are four different workshop ideas:

  • ‘Fun with Form’ – How a ham sandwich relates to music composed in three sections and a ‘Big Mac’ to Rondo form!
  • ‘A Walk in the Forest’ – A workshop based on the sounds of the forest, whether they be animal, vegetable or mineral!
  • ‘Dinosaurs Meet’ – Two dinosaurs meet to do battle. The children will create their own prehistoric scene in music!
  • ‘A Ship in a Storm – Turning a picture into music by using the visual elements of the picture: the ship, the waves, the wind, thunder and lightning. Is the ship about to crash onto the rocks?

Inset Sessions
Twilight sessions for groups of teachers, aimed at encouraging all participants, both specialist and non-specialist, to develop cross-curricular classroom creative music schemes with their pupils. The session covers the value of participatory music-making for young people and also includes a selection of ice-breakers and warm-up games. These sessions are designed for 15-20 teachers so are best suited to formed clusters of primary schools.

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