Secondary School

GCSE Composition Workshop
This 3-hour workshop will help students turn simple melodies into pieces of music lasting several minutes, using four basic composition techniques.

Film Music Composition Workshop
How do film music composers compose? What is the difference between the music written for a Sci-Fi film and a Western? This three-hour interactive workshop will show students how to set about composing their own film music in a variety of genres using musical examples from Jaws to High Noon, from Star Wars to Psycho.

GCSE and A-Level Performance Workshop
Centred on the performing element of the GCSE and A-Level syllabuses the aim of this workshop is to raise musical achievement by improving performance skills both technically and musically.

Hallé’s Impresarios – A Numeracy and Business Studies Project
Aided by members of the Hallé’s Administration team, Business Study students produce a business plan to put on a concert at The Bridgewater Hall. This involves producing a written proposal, a budget and making a 3-5 minute presentation. The students are given a fictitious Arts Council grant, a number of fixed costs and a number of variable costs with different options from which to choose. As part of the scheme, the pupils may have the opportunity to tour The Bridgewater Hall and to attend a concert.

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