Hallé St Bee-ter’s: A Chorus of Industry

24th July 2018

Supported by Siemens Plc
Artist: Daniel Gubba

The Hallé’s addition to the Bee in the City trail can be found in Cutting Room Square in Ancoats, just opposite the Hallé’s rehearsal, community and outreach centre at Hallé St Peter’s.

Hallé St Bee-ter’s: A Chorus of Industry has been designed by artist Daniel Gubba in collaboration with the members of the Hallé Ancoats Community Choir. The project – which has been supported by the Hallé’s Principal sponsors Siemens Plc – has brought together the themes of music and industry, so entwined in Manchester’s history. The Bee has a strong Ancoats identity, and references the industrial heritage of the area, and the location as the home of Hallé St Peter’s.

Siemens and the Hallé

Hallé St Bee-ter’s has been generously supported by the Hallé’s Principal Supporters Siemens Plc. Siemens – which was founded as a company called Siemens and Halske Company just a decade before the Hallé in 1847 – have had strong links with Manchester and the North West from early on in the company’s history. Today they have several major sites in Greater Manchester and are a significant employer in the area. Siemens is committed to supporting community work across Greater Manchester, and have been key partners of the Hallé for over 25 years.

The Hallé was founded in 1858 by the conductor and pianist Sir Charles Hallé. The orchestra was established in response to the needs of Manchester as the city grew with the Industrial Revolution, and the strong relationship between the orchestra and the city’s industrial and business success ever since. Today – under our Music Director Sir Mark Elder – the Hallé presents a programme of over 120 concerts each year, in Manchester, Nationally and Internationally, and has an Education and Outreach programme that reaches over 70,000 people annually of all ages.

In 2013, the Hallé opened Hallé St Peter’s church in Ancoats, and the building became our first permanent rehearsal venue, and centre of our Education and Outreach work. Since then the church, and our place in Ancoats, has become a central part of our work and our identity in Manchester. We offer a range of community programmes in Ancoats including the Hallé Tea Dances and the Hallé Ancoats Community Choir.

The doors of Hallé St Peter’s have recently closed to allow us to build an extension that will create more spaces to be used by our family of ensembles, for our education work and for use by other local community groups. There will also be a café on the ground floor and the building will be open to the public.
We hope you will come and visit us when the building reopens in Autumn 2019.

Hallé St Bee-ter’s: A Chorus of Industry

Hallé St Bee-ter’s beautifully combined visuals associated with the symphony orchestra, and the steam power so central to the Industrial Revolution in Manchester.
During his research, artist Daniel Gubba discovered that during the Victorian era, Ancoats was home to a family of instrument makers, who ran a shop in the area. There are also references to the street names of Ancoats, and an Italian flag in recognition that Ancoats is known as ‘Little Italy’.

Can you work out the musical quotation and its relevance to the Hallé?


Can you work out the musical quotation and its relevance to the Hallé?

The staves on the base of the bee is the opening and recurring theme from Elgar’s First Symphony, which the Hallé performed the World Premiere, conducted by Hans Richter, at The Free Trade Hall in Manchester on 3rd December 1908.

About the Artist

Daniel works in TV constructing props and sets, currently for stop motion animation. After having graduated in London with an MA in production design he spent a few years in various art departments from scenic painting to prop buying for tv and theatre productions before moving back to Manchester.
“Working on the ‘Bee in the City’ project has been immensely rewarding for me. Meeting people from local communities and fellow artists from such wide backgrounds has been a real pleasure, and it’s a privilege to be commissioned by the Hallé to work on their bee. The fact that the bee is located in Ancoats where I have family history is an added privilege for me personally.”

About the Hallé Ancoats Community Choir

The Hallé Ancoats Community Choir meet regularly on a Sunday evening at St Michael’s Church in Ancoats. The choir is open to everyone – whether you sing lots, or have never sung before! – and it is a fun way to get to know others in the Ancoats area.

For more information about the choir and when they meet please visit www.halle.co.uk/the-halle-family/ancoats-community-choir/ or contact David Roberts, Hallé St. Peter’s Community Projects Officer at david.roberts@halle.co.uk