Education: Hallé for Youth 2018 – Back to Nature

16th November 2017

Hallé for Youth 2018 will be held on Tuesday to Friday, 6 – 9 March 2018 at 10.45am at The Bridgewater Hall.

Here are a few words from Steve Pickett, our Education Director:

I am delighted to announce this season’s series of Hallé for Youth schools’ concerts. Our natural world theme, ‘Back to Nature’ will look at natural landscapes, such as jungles, grasslands and oceans, to name but a few and fit pieces of orchestral music to each type. So we have a BBC Ten Piece III work for Jungles, Mason Bates’ wonderfully evocative, ‘A Bao a Qu’ from ‘The Anthology of Fantastic Zoology’, for grasslands, John Barry’s expansive score to the feature film, ‘Out of Africa’ and for oceans, Debussy’s masterpiece, ‘La Mer’. Besides these three pieces the range of music goes from Sibelius, his popular ‘Finlandia’ to John Williams’ music for ‘The Return of the Jedi’ – the Forest music.

The song this year comes from a good friend of the Hallé, Lin Marsh. Lin is such a star at creating brilliant songs for children and it has been my pleasure to orchestrate her ‘Earth, Sea and Sky’ which fits perfectly with our theme. The photo above is of our Children’s Choir who just recorded the song as a guide for all the schools coming to the performances. Grateful thanks to the brilliant Hallé Children’s Choir Directors, Shirley Court and Michelle Robinson for making this possible!

These concerts are as usual presented by the wonderful, Tom Redmond. As many of you know, Tom used to be one of our horn players but has since left the Hallé for different climbs! He now can be heard broadcasting regularly on BBC Radio 3 and presents all types of concerts right across the country.

I’m also offering the usual INSET sessions for teachers looking at two creative plans for the classroom for two of the pieces in programme: the Mason Bates, A Bao a Qu, listed above and Smetana’s, ‘Vltava’ from ‘Ma Vlast’, representing rivers.

For more information on pricing and availability, please visit the following link:

Hallé For youth 2018 information