Elgar The Apostles (2-CD)


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3rd Sep 2012

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CD HLD 7534

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Edward Elgar

Sir Mark Elder

Rebecca Evans, Soprano - The Angel Gabriel/The Blessed Virgin Mary
Alice Coote, Mezzo-soprano - Mary Magdalene/Narrator 2
Paul Groves, Tenor - Narrator 1/John
Jacques Imbrailo, Baritone - Jesus
David Kempster, Baritone - Peter
Brindley Sherratt, Bass - Judas
Sean Boyes *, Tenor
Thomas Kelly *, Tenor
Timothy Langston *, Tenor
Thomas Morss *, Tenor
Adam Player *, Tenor
Stefan Berkieta *, Bass
Matthew Kellett *, Bass
Graham McCusker *, Bass
Daniel Shelvey *, Bass
Hallé Choir, (Frances Cooke director)
Hallé Youth Choir, (Richard Wilberforce director)
Recorded live and in rehearsal at The Bridgewater Hall on 5 May 2012.
Gramophone Classical Music Awards 2013 - Choral
BBC Magazine Music Awards 2013 - Choral and Record of the Year

EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934)

1. Prologue

2. I The Calling of the Apostles
3. The Dawn
4. ‘And when it was day’

5. II By the wayside

6. III By the Sea of Galilee
7. In the Tower of Magdala
8. ‘This shall ye have of mine hand’
9. In Caesarea Philippi
10. In Capernaum
11. ‘Turn you to the stronghold’

1. Introduction

2. IV The Betrayal
3. ‘Then gathered the chief Priests and Pharisees’
4. In Gethsemane
5. ‘Then Judas, which had betrayed Him’
6. ‘Wither shall I go’
7. ‘Mine end is come’

8. V Golgotha

9. VI At the Sepulchre

10. VII The Ascension
11. ‘And when He had spoken these things’
12. ‘They platted a crown of thorns’

Reviews of the Hallé’s live Manchester performance:

‘Elder’s dramatic sense of the whole structure and of the significance of every detail made it all thrillingly compelling…. the choral sound was truly imposing.’

The Guardian

‘It was thrilling to experience the mingling of solos, two or three, or a dozen or so voices, with the Mystic Chorus formed by the massive and resonant Hallé Choir and the fresh-voiced Hallé Youth Choir. The culmination of the work and, indeed, every stage of it, was superbly paced and managed by Elder and his orchestra.’

The Times

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