Vaughan Williams Symphony No.6 & 4


Released On
6th Oct 2017

Product Code
CD HLL 7547

Vaughan Willams

Sir Mark Elder

We’re continuing our series of Vaughan Williams symphonies in live recordings from The Bridgewater Hall. This release follows hugely successful previous Vaughan Williams volumes including:

A Sea Symphony

A London Symphony

Symphony No.5 & 8

The Sixth Symphony caused a sensation at its premiere in 1948 and was performed 100 times in the following two years. It was composed during a period in which Vaughan Williams was writing film scores, the experience of which had the effect of sparking his imagination in the extravagant use of the orchestra. The work is claimed by many to have an external ‘war’ programme, a fact dismissed by the composer. Either way the result is undoubtedly one of Vaughan Williams’ finest works; a tightly woven musical statement, with stunning melodies and orchestration which is at turns dramatic and expressive.

The Fourth Symphony was first performed in 1925 and, echoed the relative dissonance of recent works such as the oratorio Sancta Civitas, the Piano Concerto and the masque for Dancing Job. Structurally it gives a nod to Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and it includes material based on traditional forms as well as elements of self-portraiture, with music displaying the composer’s temper, humour and ribaldry.

Recorded live in concert at The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester – Symphony No.6 on 10 November 2016; Symphony No.4 on 7 April 2016.

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