Meet Our Sponsors

PZ Cussons

PZ Cussons, the Manchester-based global consumer products manufacturer and the company behind brands such as Imperial Leather, Carex and Sanctuary Spa, have supported the Hallé for a number of years and in 2014 became our Diamond Partner. Deeply committed to the local community, PZ Cussons is keen to support the Hallé’s Core Education Programme, including the renowned Hallé for Youth schools concerts, as well as our Hallé Children’s Choir and full range of artistic and community projects across the North.

The perfumers at Seven Scent, PZ Cussons’s in-house perfumery that creates fragrance for all its products, have worked with the Hallé to create sensory learning experiences for Hallé for Youth participants. Scratch and sniff cards developed in consultation with Seven Scent fragrance designers to evoke a particular sense of place or mood have become extremely popular amongst our young concert-goers.

Thanks to the generosity of PZ Cussons, the Hallé has also been delivering a Musicians in Residence programme at The Seashell Trust, a national centre of excellence in Cheadle Hulme that provides education, care and support for young people with complex and severe learning disabilities. Through regular workshop sessions serving approximately 80 students per term, the project demonstrates the power that music has in facilitating communication.

‘We have supported the Hallé in all the traditional roles, but have taken great pride in broadening that support to include an incredibly diverse range of activities, from working with our perfumers to produce scratch and sniff cards for Hallé Schools concerts to support of the Hallé’s broader outreach programme which reaches over 50,000 children a year.’

‘We strongly believe that the arts play and essential role in a successful business community, and the investment in the arts in the North is a key part of developing the ‘Northern Powerhouse’.’

Alex Kanellis, Group Chief Executive
PZ Cussons


Siemens is a leading global engineering and technology services company with over 16,000 employees in the UK alone, and a significant operation based in Manchester. The company has supported the Hallé for over 20 years and became a Diamond Partner in 2018. The partnership with Siemens is amongst the Hallé’s most varied and dynamic, and our two organisations work closely together to find new and innovative ways of linking engineering and music.

In 2017, Siemens engaged members of its Graduate Programme to develop a solution for the Hallé’s ongoing engagement of patients of the Pendine Care Home network who are suffering with dementia. Recognising that music and memory are powerful connectors, the graduates adapted a Myo armband—technology that tracks the electrical activity in your muscles to wirelessly interact with external digital devices. The band, when worn on a wrist or ankle, or even an item held in a patient’s hand, responds to the slightest movements of the wearer and in turn triggers changes to a soundscape, much in the way our musicians do when the residents ‘conduct’ them.

Siemens was also instrumental in the development of the Hallé’s Arts Based Training programme and in establishing the award-winning Hallé Corporate Choir Competition.

The Hallé is proud to be expanding its partnership with Siemens to launch a major new conducting competition on an international scale. The Siemens Hallé International Conductors Competition will shine a light on Manchester and draw renewed focus on the rich musical heritage of our city from across the world. Launched in May 2019, the competition has attracted more than 280 applications from 54 countries spanning 6 continents. Our shortlist of ten finalists will converge in Manchester in February 2020 to battle for the top prize—the chance to develop their skills under the mentorship of the Hallé’s Music Director Sir Mark Elder CH CBE during a two-year engagement as Assistant Conductor for the Hallé and Music Director of the Hallé Youth Orchestra.

‘Siemens has a long and positive relationship with Manchester and aligning ourselves to the city’s premiere cultural organisation is a natural partnership for us. However, most significantly our on-going work with the Hallé musicians also creates the opportunity to genuinely enhance our work and our staff skills base and we understand acutely the tangible value of our association.’

Juergen Maier, Chief Executive
Siemens UK

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport (MAG) has supported the Hallé since 1988 and is currently a Principal Sponsor. MAG sponsors a package of Hallé concerts in Manchester and around the country, allowing audiences in areas surrounding all its airports to benefit from and enjoy the Hallé’s performances.

For MAG, community engagement and relationships are vital, and their sponsorship of the Hallé has played an important role in their outreach strategy. Thanks to MAG’s support, children from schools surrounding the Airport have the opportunity to take part in the Hallé’s acclaimed ‘Meet a Musician’ programme, enjoying sustained and focused engagement with Hallé players both at The Bridgewater Hall and in school. MAG also supports area school participation in the Hallé’s annual schools concerts—Hallé for Youth and Come and Play with the Hallé.

The Hallé’s national profile has allowed this work to be extended across the country to areas surrounding MAG’s other airports, aligning their Arts Sponsorship activity with community priorities.

‘Manchester Airports Group is committed to encouraging success in the region’s arts and culture and believes that investing in the culture of our city helps to stimulate inbound tourism and in turn maintain a healthy local economy. Through our sponsorship we can also offer schools and communities access to a range of performing arts and cultural experiences, which for many will be their first contact with professional arts and may be instrumental in shaping an interest and appreciation for the future.’

Charlie Cornish, Chief Executive
Manchester Airport


In 2019, Brother celebrated 30 years of consistent high-level sponsorship of the Hallé, cementing one of the most enduring business partnerships with a cultural organisation in the UK. Concerts and music sit at the heart of the partnership with a clear alliance of brands and principles, a commitment to international excellence, pride in our shared histories, and a dedication to being an integral part of the fabric of Manchester life.

Brother also continue to be one of the Hallé’s most significant education supporters, and are regular participants in Hallé Impresarios. The programme gives teenage and 6th Form students valuable insight into the world of business, testing their creativity and business acumen through a robust and highly regarded challenge.

Together, the Hallé and Brother have illustrated the value of corporate and cultural partnerships to the world and have proved that they can be enduring, robust and meaningful to both parties.

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