Gifts In Wills and Gifts in Memory

Have you ever wondered how you can make a lasting impact on the future of the Hallé?

Gifts in Memory

A gift in memory can be a fitting way to celebrate a loved one’s love for and pleasure in classical music and the Hallé. Gifts can be made to any of the Hallé’s charities and can be acknowledged within the Patron and Chair Endowment schemes.

Gifts in wills

Gifts in wills provide a vital source of income to the Hallé. They can be left to any of the Hallé’s three charities – more details in the Frequently Asked Questions link below:

Frequently Asked Questions

In the last three years alone the Hallé has benefitted from over half a million pounds in legacy income, enabling us to:

  • Perform and record music of outstanding quality locally, nationally and across the world
  • Commission and perform new music from the most eminent young composers
  • Nurture talented local musicians through the Hallé Youth Ensembles
  • Involve thousands of people each year through our education programme
  • Enrich the lives of people from every corner of the community through music

Every gift in every will makes a difference, however large or small.

The suggested wordings here are for the Hallé Concerts Society. You may also choose to leave a gift to the Charles Hallé Foundation (236149) or the Hallé Endowment Trust (286145) in which case you will need to amend the charity name and number accordingly.

Simply download and complete one of the following, then post it to your solicitor:

Standard Residual Legacy Clause
Standard Residual Legacy Clause

Standard Pecuniary Legacy Clause
Standard Pecuniary Legacy Clause

Contact us

If you have any questions about leaving a gift to the Hallé or any other aspect of our individual giving schemes, please feel free to contact Eleanor Roberts, Individual Giving and Legacy Manager, by:


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