Corporate Workshops

The Hallé’s award winning corporate workshop programme is based around 3 main strands. However, the Hallé recognises that there is no “one size fits all” approach to training. Programmes are designed in consultation with the company to deliver sessions that answer the company’s own aims and objectives.

Singing Workshops – Prices from £450+VAT

Ideal for bringing different departments and management levels together these workshops are a fun and easy way to develop teams. Workshops can focus on different areas depending on the company’s priorities, including leadership, communication, body language or can be used as a simple icebreaker. Examples of the different workshops available include:

Large Scale Vocal Activities

  • Perfect for conferences, company training days or other larger scale events
  • Generally takes the form of a warm-up activity – ideally suited to start the day or as a way of bringing groups together
  • Ideal Session length: 30 mins
  • Ideal group size: 50 +

Company team building activities

  • Flexible model which looks at using singing as a way of building team working skills, confidence and communication in the work place
  • Interesting and fun way in which to build inter-departmental relationships
  • Often will lead to a ‘sharing’ session ideal for company socials
  • Ideal session length: 45-60 mins per group (30 mins sharing at end of day)
  • Ideal group size: 15-30

Gamelan Workshops – Prices from £1,000+VAT

With no need for previous musical experience, playing the gamelan provides a rewarding experience for groups to come together, to play what is regarded as one instrument. These workshops can help improve coordination, communication skills and is perfect for team building or as a fun icebreaker.

Orchestra Workshop – Prices from £5,000+VAT

This workshop uses the metaphor of the orchestra and how world-class musicians come together under the leadership of the conductor. This is used to help business leaders to think strategically about their own organisations and also explore leadership and how to effectively manage teams, develop individuals and communication skills and manage change.

Choir Development

The Hallé also works with organizations looking to develop their own company choir. With Hallé choral masters available to help form your workplace choir, the Hallé will help to promote and organize sessions which are a fantastic way to build confidence and communication amongst employees.

Want to set up a choir and join our Hallé Workplace Choir initiative? Check out the link below.

Hallé Workplace Choirs

For more information about the Hallé’s Corporate Workshop Programmes please contact Susanna Caudwell, Corporate Partnerships Manager on 0161 237 7018 or at

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