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The Hallé, in partnership with Clare Holden Ltd, has developed an inspirational programme of professional training, using the skills and structures – unique to musical ensembles – to facilitate the development of leadership, teamwork and management skills in the workplace. Delivered alongside music based workshops, this training enables participants to engage their emotions, logic and imagination, resulting in a rounded learning experience more likely to inspire new insights, long-term understanding and change.

The Hallé Business Training courses are facilitated by Clare Holden and Tom Redmond. Clare is DISC Accredited for Personality Profiling and has extensive experience as a Personal and Executive Coach. Tom is a horn player and presenter who has delivered creative workshops across a variety of fields and for a range of different people, including working in schools, boardrooms and with high-performance teams.


This course combines leadership coaching, personality profiling and a unique experience in which participants will have the opportunity to sit within the musicians of the Hallé orchestra and see leadership at work in a foreign setting.

Suitable for:

  • New Leaders and Managers looking to enhance their capability
  • Current Leaders who want to challenge their perceptions of leadership and re-energise their approaches
  • Managers who aspire to become Leaders

“The Hallé Leadership Workshop engages participants on a visceral and intellectual level. The short programme explores and demonstrates the power of leadership and teamwork through the lens of a world-class orchestra. It brings to life the high business relevance of engagement, empowerment and excellence and we recommend the workshop to any organisation striving to be the best.”

Brian Holliday, Managing Director Siemens UK
Robin Phillips, Finance Director Siemens UK


This training will encompass both theoretical and practical understanding of how teams work effectively. Participants will undertake personality profiling and music-based exercises as part of the course, to illustrate some of the key skills involved in working together successfully.

Suitable for:

  • Teams of 10-25 within a company
  • Smaller teams who are keen to work together more effectively through shared learning
  • New teams wanting to understand and establish good practices
  • Established teams who wish to refresh their team dynamic

“To be able to unlock the potential in all of us we need to believe and work with a collective spirit, the teamwork sessions provided by Clare and the Hallé provided not only a perfect environment but the tools to help us in this unlocking process. Houdini has nothing on what we experienced.”

Dietmar Harteveld
Director of Indirect Material for North West Europe
Siemens UK


This course focuses on the issues relating to organisational change and the emotional process of transition individuals will experience. Using a musical analogy, participants will understand the highs and lows of the change process and be encouraged to manage this back at work.

Suitable for:

  • Teams or groups of individuals
  • Companies currently involved in or about to go through a period of change

“Change is always problematic in the work environment. For organisations looking for a very different approach, the Hallé Dynamics course inventively deals with the difficult issues around change management in a way that is informative, challenging and fun.”

Stella Bowdell
Director of Membership
Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

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