The Hallé in Kendal: January 2020


Saturday 18th January 2020

Westmorland Hall, Kendal

Tickets from £17 (concessions available)

John Adams - Saxophone Concerto
Rachmaninov - Symphony No.2

Kazuki Yamada

Jess Gillam, saxophone

Note, this concert is SOLD OUT

The Lakeland Sinfonia Concert Society is delighted to welcome back Jess Gillam to perform American composer John Adams’ Saxophone Concerto (2013). Inspired by the composer’s father who played the sax in the local swing bands, it is also a tribute to such great swing sax players as Charlie Parker and Stan Getz. Adams is clear that this music has to be played in ‘the same hard driven style as these greats’.

Rachmaninov’s Second Symphony rose like a phoenix from the disaster that was the First Symphony in 1897. An under rehearsed orchestra, a drunk conductor (Glazunov) and a savaging from critics resulted in severe depression and a crisis in the belief in his own abilities. It took around 10 years and extensive hypnotherapy sessions from a Doctor Dahl (to whom the symphony is dedicated) before the Second Symphony appeared. Received triumphantly, the work is memorable for its length, colour, dazzle and drive and especially the glorious clarinet melody in the slow movement.

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